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5´EURODIG Conference14-15 JUNE 2012, STOCKHOLM

Internet has become an integral part of our lives and is shaping our society. An increasing number of governments are endeavouring to meet the needs of the citizens by providing more online content and e-services and by creating a level of online dialogue that was not in place even a few years ago, according
to the e-government Survey.

Th e overall conclusion that emerges from the 2012 Survey in today’s recessionary world climate is that while it is important to continue with service delivery, governments must increasingly begin to rethink in terms of e-government – and e-governance – placing greater emphasis on institutional linkages between and among the tiered government structures in a bid to create synergy for inclusive sustainable development.

Portals are becoming more integrated and streamlined. It is easier than ever for citizens to find information and services online. This is especially true in developed and middle-income countries.

EuroDIG is an open arena for informal discussion and exchange on policy issues related to the internet, involving a large number of stakeholders from all over Europe, including the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the European Broadcasting Union.

EuroDIG constitutes an important platform for multistakeholders to meet in an open and inclusive environment to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the future of the Internet. The development of rules; governments, businesses, non-profit organizations and citizens.

Tomorrow, Friday, Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt will participate in the Pan-European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG), which this year is being arranged in Stockholm.

Summer time: Stockholm in June is not only one of the world´s most beautiful cities; Sweden and Stockholm also have a strong legacy in the development of modern electronic communications and Internet services in creating a comfortable and transparent interaction between government and citizens.

Source: Government Offices of Sweden
EuroDIG Europen Dialogue on Internet Governance
World e-government rankings 2012

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I´m Afrikan-Swedish, psychologist, and co-founder of Blue IBAnalytic.


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